Ficohsa Financial Group

Ficohsa Financial Group receives “World’s Best Trade Finance Providers 2021” award, recognition granted to banks considered leaders in the development and use of new technological capabilities, which at the same time monitor the global tendencies to provide key information and services about commerce and finances to their clients, highlighting their positioning on the Honduran financial sector and region.

This prize is given by the international magazine Global Finance, specialized in the financial world. The editors select the winners of the “World’s Best Trade Finance Providers 2021” with the input of industry analysts, corporate executives and technology experts.

Ficohsa Financial Group offers solutions and technological transformations.

Aware of the technological advancements that businesses need to stay up to date with market growth, the Ficohsa Financial Group offers clients the best service, making an array of solutions and technological transformations available, among which is the Host to Host method.

This pioneering method allows to integrate the business information system directly to carry out the processing of big transactional volumes. The same includes providers and spreadsheet payment services, cash management, check confirmation and banking conciliations.

Also, implemented SARA WhatsApp, which consists of the first transnational in Central America that allows to make payments, transfers and consultations.

Financial Institution with more than 27 years of experience.

Ficohsa works to structure more innovative and personalized solutions to financial needs to develop and facilitate business in this sector. The Financial Group supports their clients through innovation and technology, key factors to achieve a more competitive and pioneer region every day, that allows to keep more investment and jobs.

The financial institution with more than 27 years of experience is positioned as the lead bank in the Honduran financial sector for its innovation, service and commitment.