Vie. Oct 7th, 2022

Ficohsa Foundation, a non-profit organization created in 1998, with the purpose of contributing with quality education for children between 3 and 6 years of age living in economically disadvantaged areas, launches its «Ficohsa Foundation Educational Portal», an innovative tool that offers valuable content and useful resources to accompany teachers, parents and caregivers in the arduous task of providing continuity to children’s education.

Ficohsa Bank, through different initiatives, promotes children’s education through the support it provides to teachers and communities, with this aid it has the opportunity to learn about their main educational needs.

Ficohsa Bank is aware of the needs of the most vulnerable communities.

Aware of the needs of the most vulnerable communities, Ficohsa offers this fully accessible tool designed to improve teaching processes, which will be very useful to strengthen knowledge and contribute to the educational quality of thousands of children.

The Ficohsa Foundation Educational Portal is user-friendly and designed so that users can access all the resources and courses that are available, without accessibility restrictions, with the aim that anyone interested in acquiring or strengthening their knowledge to improve the teaching-learning processes can access the portal.

The main benefits include free access, certificate generation, access from any device, self-paced learning, the availability of downloadable resources and the opportunity to interact in forums.

An Educational Portal designed with teachers and communities in mind, with the objective of reaching those children who today are making great efforts to continue their studies, it’s a tool that will surely contribute to children’s education.


Camilo Atala Faraj
Presidente del Banco Ficohsa

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