Camilo Atala Faraj Executive President of Ficohsa Bank stressed that the public and private sector must work collectively to find solutions and adapt business models to the new realities.

For Atala, the key is to look to the future, think differently and know that the region is becoming increasingly internationalized, which will give it the strength to face external challenges.

The renowned banker is aware that there is still a long way to go, since so far the business world has not discovered and taken advantage of all the existing opportunities.

Camilo Atala Faraj: We must be agents of change for a better future

«As responsible people with a strong love for our country we must be agents of change, to promote initiatives that promote the development of Honduras, this can be achieved by supporting small and medium entrepreneurs, with projects that promote their growth, make a difference for this sector to consolidate, strengthen and thus make our country bigger,» said Atala Faraj.

His experience leads him to understand that the situation in Central America and Honduras requires the impulse of everyone, which is why he invites to participate in the development of the country. «We have the opportunity to be a generation that changed the destiny of the region,» he concluded.

Businessman fights school dropout rates

On the other hand, as a senior executive of Ficohsa Financial Group and as a person aware of the importance of education for the growth of a country, he focuses his efforts on combating the high school dropout rates, since many children do not get to start first grade because they are of limited resources and live in vulnerable areas.

Likewise, he helps fulfill the dreams of millions of Central Americans through work, because for the banker, it is also of utmost importance that the region advances through the generation of opportunities for all equally.


Camilo Atala